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Mental Channel Number One

Adam Curtis just posted this brilliant 1959 BBC documentary on self-proclaimed ‘voice of interplanetary parliament’ and one-time taxi driver, George King. It’s fantastic. In it, George explains how he was contacted by Martians – initially through telepathy, later in person – and went on to become their conduit on earth, a kind of interplanetary ambassador. As is still their wont the BBC behave with great professionalism, tolerate his bizarre pronouncements and offer him the opportunity to present his case to a panel of scientists and psychologists. Indeed, they allow him to actually channel an alien voice. The experts, in turn, offer the most quiet and sensitive rebuttals to his (deranged) ideas. They’re almost apologetic. It’s very sweet.

 Curtis calls it ‘one of the most wonderful, odd and touching films I have ever found in the BBC archives’ and I’m with him on that. It’s also like a super-lolzy KPAX, so… 

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