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Derrida, by Kirby Dick and some other person.

Feature-length documentary on discipline-defining post-structuralist philosopher Jacques Derrida, by two unashamed fanboys (fanpeople) in turtlenecks. Marvel as they drawl phrases like “my  theory is” and “it is their condition”… Watch in horror as they actually ask him which philosopher he’d want as his mother… But, whatever you do, don’t fall into the post-snobbish trap of assuming all French philosophy is bullshit because those guys love a caveat-clause-sub-clause-caveat-clause. The obscurantism belies a genuinely rare intelligence, one that’s finessing the fuck out of a system of complexes so utterly complex you’ll want to lie down and ‘be killed’.

Rant: dunzo. 

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    The philosopher looking at stars - or becoming one?
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